Active Incident Management technology is an extremely powerful tool that can be used to save lives and mitigate critical events!

An introduction to the application has been provided to clients, however, AEGIX AIM E.R.T. strives to enhance our client’s ability to use the technology to its fullest. This live training is meant to maximize the AIM platform benefits within your organization.

In-person AEGIX AIM training enhances the ability for users to understand all the capabilities and uses of the platform more fully. The instructor will be available to answer questions, facilitate real-time scenarios/drills and address specific platform related requests. AEGIX AIM is a comprehensive incident response solution. It’s simple, powerful, and effective.

AEGIX AIM instantly connects users with first responders and dispatch centers, ensuring critical information such as first-hand observations, images of suspects or missing persons and mapping, are shared in real time. All this allows for swift responses based on up to the second accurate communications during emergent events.



For more information or to host a class, please contact us via the link below.