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Maximizing Safety and Security for Large Travel Facilities

Travel is all about logistics and coordination. Managing safety and security at large travel facilities also requires extensive planning and coordination. Aegix AIM provides the resources that organizations need to manage emergencies safely and effectively. AIM establishes a seamless flow of real-time information, enabling swift and coordinated actions during critical situations. The platform ensures that every part of incident management is covered comprehensively, giving travel organizations the ability to address the complex logistic issues that they face.

It’s Time to Prioritize The Safety
of Your Facility

Be prepared for emergencies before they strike


Product Features

Dynamic Mapping

Live digital floor plans and maps provide timely updates for responders, eliminating the need to search for floor plans during an emergency. These maps include the names and numbers of rooms in your facility to provide an accurate and specific overview of the site.

Quick and Easy Messaging

Multidirectional chat allows you to communicate with law enforcement and other AIM users in your facility during an emergency.

Clearing Rooms

Using information gained from dynamic mapping and status updates from users, law enforcement can efficiently search rooms and areas, identify them as safe, and provide immediate updates to dispatch, incident command, and special teams.

Powerful Data Reporting

Comprehensive incident logs and reports of all communications sent during drills or incidents are saved to be examined during debriefings, reviews, and training. There is no need to re-create events after an incident.

Live Status Updates

Users can report whether they are safe or unsafe and if they are in need of medical care in their area. These updates are shown on the live maps to give responders information on what is happening onsite before they arrive, preparing them to respond effectively.

Direct Calling

If users report their areas as safe, they can call to speak with law enforcement to quickly communicate even more details.

Tracking Missing People

Users can report when employees or others are missing from their designated area in the facility. After those missing people are found, their locations can be shared with all other users, including when they are found in a different location.

Effective Training

Management, employees, law enforcement, and other users can be quickly trained to use the AIM platform and efficiently respond to incidents after an alert. AIM can be seamlessly integrated with your facility's current safety infrastructure to maximize security.

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