Are you prepared if an active shooter came to your school? Can your staff and students respond in the best manner possible to save lives or mitigate the situation before the police arrive? Did you know you may have the ability to prevent it before it occurs?

This course is designed to help civilians prepare for acts of violence (specifically active shooters). Students will be shown statistically that acts of violence can occur anywhere and will be trained how to Prepare for, Prevent and React to an active shooter. It is narrowly focused to ensure training objectives are understood and that critical core actions, paired with the correct mentality, can be easily practiced, and applied during an actual critical incident.

This knowledge helps staff and students know they can take matters into their own hands, potentially saving their own lives and/or the lives of others. It empowers staff and students with actionable steps to take during an active shooter event. A united effort from individual students, staff, employees and first responders will bring about the best possible result.

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Active Shooter Training

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