A site assessment (SA) through AEGIX is performed by a certified professional assessor and is an essential component of any comprehensive multi-layered safety plan.

Our assessment will:

      • Identify vulnerabilities that may already exist in a current school building, surrounding property or other structures. If the building is in the design phase, we will make recommendations based on the submitted plans.

      • Vulnerabilities may include how lighting is arranged, safe access while moving in the area, clearly designated boarders, purposeful use and upkeep of the property, as they contribute to crime prevention and the fear of crime. All are examples of what a CPTED evaluation will assess.
      •  Given the law enforcement background of the assessor, he will also note present or missing security features, such as securing doors inside and out, cameras, alarms, emergency communication technologies and so on

    The CPTED principles that form the basis of the assessment are:

        • Natural surveillance
        • Access control
        • Territorial reinforcement
        • Maintenance
        • Security



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