for healthcare facilities

Our Healthcare Heroes Deserve High-Level Safety

AEGIX AIM offers a comprehensive incident response solution tailored specifically for healthcare facilities. With its advanced capabilities, it can swiftly and effectively alert the entire hospital or clinic, as well as individual buildings or departments, ensuring that no critical information is missed during emergencies. AEGIX AIM provides the flexibility to send customized emergency codes, ensuring that the right response is initiated promptly. What sets it apart is its ability to pinpoint exact locations within the facility, streamlining the response process without the need for cumbersome intercom announcements. This precision not only enhances overall safety but also enables healthcare staff to respond to crises with efficiency, ultimately safeguarding patients and personnel alike.


First Responders & Security Personnel

Efficiently manage incidents in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities with AEGIX AIM. Empower your staff to disseminate critical information, guiding patients and visitors to safety. Utilize real-time data from live responsive maps and floor plans to pinpoint response efforts precisely. Whether you're the administrator, incident commander or a first responder, gain access to live updates from all parties involved.

In situations where radio channels are congested and phone lines are overwhelmed, AEGIX AIM offers a multi-directional
communication solution for emergencies. It removes the limitations of visibility within walls, providing first responders with a comprehensive, real-time view of the entire building, floor by floor, room by room. Monitoring emergencies is now possible from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone as you navigate the premises. In the event of external threat information, you can instantly alert a specific floor, the entire building, or the entire organization with a single click. This efficient and location-specific response can save lives and offer precious seconds for success.


Healthcare Staff

Healthcare professionals have enough on their plate caring for our loved ones. Whether in the ER, at the desk or walking the halls, staff is notified immediately of an incident, the type, location and relevant information as it progresses. With real-time information doctors, nurses and staff can get themselves and their patients to safety and be a source of accurate information and guidance, instead of waiting for something to come through the door. Keep peace of mind knowing there is a solution at your fingertips.

Dynamic Themes for Different Alert Modes & Status