School Resource Officers (SRO) – The Basics

Gain the knowledge and skills to become and SRO!

This course is designed to give officers the tools, knowledge, and resources needed to confidently begin a role as a School Resource Officer (SRO). In addition to the basics, we’ll go beyond introduction and provide instruction on topics SRO’s must understand to be successful long term in an SRO role, considering current laws, rules and best practices. Application of learning objectives will lead to success in the school environment as newly acquired skills are developed and applied. 

Course Objectives:​

  • Understand the transition in mentality required to be an SRO.
  • Importance of building and sustaining working relationships.
  • Identify and apply school safety and security protocols.
  • Understand applications of laws vs. policy.
  • Addressing special populations (autism).
  • Know SRO duties and expectations.
  • Address technology concerns.
  • Receive teaching tips and considerations.
  • Understand and demonstrate the “Cube” philosophy approach to the SRO position.
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