The one-push button solution for emergency and safety management


As the only comprehensive incident management platform available today, our objective is to provide schools and their administrations with a unified platform that protects people, students, and infrastructure from serious damage while preventing potential injury or loss of life. Minutes and second matter when responding to an active incident. AEGIX AIM directly bridges the gap between first responders and those involved in critical incidents, increasing effective communication and information in a timely manner

Who Needs AEGIX AIM?

Any organization that has personnel on location needs to take responsibility for setting up emergency and non-emergency incident action plans. Schools, office buildings, business locations, healthcare facilities, and government buildings are the most prevalent users of AEGIX AIM.

Whether it be an incident that requires first responders or an incident that only requires an executive or principal or security team to respond, AEGIX AIM is the system that will take your needed response to the smartest level.

Top Features

FASTER, MEANINGFUL COMMUNICATION: Direct, focused communication with all participants on site, or individually by name, via proprietary communication channel for immediate on-site incident intelligence. Know instantly if occupants are safe, unsafe, need medical attention, or are missing.

DYNAMIC MAPPING: Live building floor plans and campus maps, down to the room name or number, eliminating the need to hunt for floor plans before responding.

SITE MANAGEMENT: Law Enforcement can clear rooms with a high degree of visibility for dispatch, incident command post, and special teams, providing immediate updates within each building, on each floor, by room.

REPORTING: Comprehensive incident logs and reports of all communications during an incident, preventing the need to re-create events post-incident. This is a critical tool for de-brief, review and training.

ONE PLATFORM: First Responders will only have one system to learn – allowing them to easily train officers and grant access to see EVERY subscribing building within their jurisdiction. Also, AEGIX AIM has the ability to integrate with current safety infrastructure, allowing for seamless integrations and additional value.


Dynamic Themes for Different Alert Modes & Status