EASY-TO-USE MOBILE APP TO KEEP your students and faculty safe when disaster strikes.

It’s not a question of if, but when disaster strikes, will your school be prepared? Ensure your school is equipped to do everything possible to return students and faculty to their families unharmed. Request a demo today and see how Aeigx AIM dramatically increases the safety of your school.
We’ve done drills where we can account for 400+ students in 2-3 minutes.


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Learn how Aegix AIM Improves Safety and Emergency Response for Schools.


When disaster strikes, School Faculty or Admins will start an alert from their mobile phone or computer with the click of a single button. This alert immediately contacts first responders and every other faculty member and administrator on the Aegix AIM network for your school. 


Using the mobile app or the phone, each member on the network will state their location and whether they are safe or unsafe. This marks an interactive map that first responders will use to accurately address the emergency. 


Using a mobile phone, members of the Aegix AIM network will account for every student to determine if anyone is missing or if all students are accounted for. First responders will quickly and accurately be able to address the emergency at the school, giving every student and faculty the best chance of survival during a disaster. 

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What's Included With AEGIX AIM

Every second counts. Every life matters.


Accurate Emergency Responders – communication inside a safe, locked network that uses interactive maps, allows you to track locations of others, and gives law enforcement/first responders the visibility to address the incident with the utmost accuracy.


Real-time updates – No more educated guesses based on the initial report. Those involved in the emergency communicate details which create a smarter response from responders.


Direct Line to Responders – AEGIX AIM is the only platform that interfaces directly with law enforcement and first responders (i.e. Police Officers, Fire Department, etc).


Drill Mode – your team can put the comprehensive training we provide to use and stay up to date to ensure you are prepared when lives are at stake.

Get trained on what to do during that crucial 5 minutes before Law Enforcement arrives

Frequently Asked Questions

Each account will have a monthly or annual fee which depends on the number of facilities on the account. Please contact AEGIX AIM by email at info@aegix.co or by phone at (800) 858-0188 to receive a quote.

AEGIX AIM provides flexibility in contract lengths and terms to fit your needs and your situation.

Yes, we offer a paid trial. Ask about out pilot program via email at info@aegix.co or call (800) 858-0188 for more information.

We stand by the quality of our service and the assertion that you will be satisfied. We provide complete customer support through the duration of our relationship.

AEGIX AIM requires a valid Internet connection to send and receive emergency alerts. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for information regarding your Internet connection.
All mobile devices will require a data connection or Wi-Fi connection through existing networks.

Our 99.99% uptime is backed by an industry leading SLA.

It’s time to prioritize your faculty and student's safety

Be prepared for emergencies before emergencies strike

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