AIM for

First Responders and Law Enforcement


    Why AIM LE for Law Enforcement and First Responders?

    • Active shooter or lockdowns (critical incidents) alerts go directly to dispatch and identified LE leadership, for the fastest response possible (because "Seconds Saves Lives") and immediate, direct communications to individuals on site
    • All building floor plans, down to the room, are live (and campus maps if desired). Part of the required initial set up of each building. Eliminating need to locate or hunt for floor plans, saving an immense amount of time before responding.
    • LE Only maps available with greater details of structures or other secure information.
    • School or Corporate campus set up in advance creating Active and Immediate Visibility for PD, SO, Dispatch and all responders - no need to hunt for campus map or structure lay out pre response.
    • Communicate directly with all participants on site, by name, via proprietary communication channel for immediate, on site, incident intel
    • Know if occupants are safe, unsafe or need medical attention
    • Know if people are missing
    • Contact every person on the system, within a building or campus directly, by name
    • LE only Ability to clear rooms with high visibility for dispatch, command post, and special teams to see immediately - within each building on each floor plan by room.
    • Comprehensive post incident logs and reports of all during-incident, within system, communications. Saves an immense amount of incident and Comms re-creation for post incident reports.