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When your organization takes the safety of your employees and customers seriously, you earn their trust.

AEGIX AIM gives you the ability to customize emergency and non-emergency safety plans with your own emergency codes specific to your facility. AEGIX AIM even integrates directly with existing security systems, such as cameras.

This type of incident management is what keeps your company's facility running smoothly, no matter the occurrence. 

✓ Notify Employees and Management

✓ Interactive Floor Plans

✓ Situational Awareness

✓ Manage Emergencies from Any Device

✓ Digital Emergency Plans

✓ Robust API – Integrate Cameras, Doors, Locks & More


Employees, Security Dept, First Responders

If you are on the 30th floor and have an emergency, AEGIX allows you to notify help within seconds, showing them exactly where to respond to, while notifying those close by to help. Know accurate information all the time, even if the emergency did not start in your department. Everyone stays up-to-date and can make timely decisions to enhance your personal safety and that of your colleagues. The information is shared in one location, to keep everyone informed throughout the emergency. You can update the status of your location and see the status of everyone else in the building to be empowered to act safely and confidently.

When the radio channel is cluttered and phone lines are tied up, you now have a private means to communicate during an emergency and respond to the exact location of an incident. AEGIX AIM peels back the blinders of not being able to see through the walls inside and gives you a real-time snapshot of your whole building, floor by floor, room by room. You can now monitor any emergency from your desktop, tablet or smartphone as you are walking around. If you receive outside information of a threat, you can notify a floor, building or whole organization of a threat with a click of a button. An efficient and location specific response will save lives and give you added seconds to succeed.

Dynamic Themes for Different Alert Modes & Status