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Teacher at school in front of the bus

AEGIX Vulnerability Assessments Identify the Gaps in Office Buildings, Security, School Safety

Vulnerability assessments are essential for helping those responsible for providing safety and security in buildings, such as schools and office buildings, to identify potential safety risks. Vulnerability assessments involve a comprehensive review of the facility, including areas such as entrances, design and use of landscaping, use of surveillance systems, emergency exits and so on. Expert obse ...

Masked Fireteam of Armed SWAT Police Officers Storm a Dark Seized Office Building with Desks and Computers. Soldiers with Rifles and Flashlights Move Forwards and Cover Surroundings.

Minimizing the Chaos and Panic of School Swatting Hoax Threats

As America continues to struggle with mass shootings, another trend, called swatting, has recently put school principals, legislators, parents and students on high alert. K-12 schools and universities are experiencing a wave of false reports of school shootings and campus threats. Swatting is where someone threatens to harm another person or institution, such as a school, through various forms ...

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